12 May 2009

Wavy Life

Moon lit nights with waves aside
Missing someone whom you want beside .

Remembering the laughs and joyous moments
Being close were the happiest events .

Embracing their love and support always
Helps us come along the dark hallways .

You will see the new sunshine
And soon would be the rising time.

18 March 2009

What About ..?

What about the person you Love?
What about the person who loves you?
Can they be same? Is a question stuck in whirlpool?

What about word compromise?
And what about word sacrifice?
Do they have same meaning? It’s always hard to decide.

What about what we do for others?
And What about what we get from them?
Well this see-saw balance is never neutral in Life game.

What about you ?
And What about me ?
The only common thing is we both can read .

18 December 2008

When is the End

When is the end for times I Spend…
Evenings in pain and mornings so vain..

When is the end for sitting alone in nights
Listening songs and crying inside ..

When is the end ,I ask myself now
Changing my nature and trying to fight it somehow..

When is the end , where I try to express myself
Have a conversation and then not think that all are deaf..

When is the end , where iam living at this pace
Running alone and all alone in this race..

When is the end, to be like this and
How can I change to be merry again..
Iam trying to get answers..and having no luck..
And still with all this I know ..I cant give up..

28 August 2008

Marriage ..A Beginning..or An End..

Moments we shared,
Will never come again...
Time we use to spare,
Will never be done again...

So much busy with life we are...
Living it,was forgotten way far.
Trying to catch up and not to be upset,
Leaves me alone again and bereft...

I wish changing so was easy as said,
Not to be a weekend couple ahead...
Some people say,that’s what happens,
I always thought we were little different...

How much far from crowd you can go ?
How much can you save yourself from flu?
Time comes, when we all give up...
And fighting for same charm is left undone...
This is where marriage actually has begun...

Reality as we all know ,
Is harder to digest...
Friendship is easy than marriage to be kept...
Why does one ends when one begins...Don't know finding reasons for same...

05 June 2008

" Evil Within "

Deep down inside,
Lies within us all...
A small child who cries ,
And asks for help through his calls.

Deep inside there only ,
Lies an Evil man who crawls,
Kills the child every time
With no mercy at all.

Feelings to help others and
Understand rise again and again..
But this world has made us change and
We only think of gain….

Evil is within and no where else to be found
Conquering your own evils would be the most sound action around.

29 May 2008

All New...

New heights to achieve,
New desires to fulfill,
New nations to explore ,
And New ways to pay bills....

New are the phase of one's own Life
New are the ways to go through them alive....

New moments to capture, forever and ever
New people to love and be together .....

New days come along, every season ahead.
New are the stars to count above our head ...

So Much new happening in every mile,
Don’t know where to start and rest for a while...
Just lying on green grass and looking at sky,
Makes me wonder what do I care...Let it all pass by....

22 January 2008

Part Of life !

Part Of life,
As we all say,
Three Little words,
Making it easy to convince us everyday.

Whatever might be the pain?
Whatever might be the gain?
In the end we sit thinking on it,
And say we are sane.

This is not a question I ask,
And not an answer I seek,
I too belong to the same creek :)

Just wondering with the times gone,
And waiting to see ones on way,
I know it might not be a perfect answer,
But still it can be used ahead, everyday.
With what we do, and what we want
If we don’t have it, we say chill …”Its part of Life”
And its on our plate.